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What is Pawn?

Sometimes known as a repurchase agreement, a Pawn is a way of turning your things of value (Jewelry, Watches, Silver, Electronics or Collectibles, etc.) into cash for a temporary or emergency need. The Dealer holds your items or collateral for a set period of time and you have the right during that period of time to get your item back, extend your pawn for a longer period of time, or let the pawn expire and forfeit the item.

How much will I get for my Item?

Since a Pawn is a tool used to repair a temporary problem you should ask for what you need to help you solve your issue. Keeping in mind you must repurchase your item to get it back and there are fees for our service as well. Remember- We Don't Want Your Item! We prefer that you pick your item up so that you can do business with us in the future. Plus, this means we helped you through your problem and now you are OK.